Itís Even Easier!

As with Wassmer Studios Moldings, our Ceiling Medallions install with basic carpentry tools and methods.
  1. To start, determine what size of hole, if any, is required in the ceiling medallion for access to an electrical box. Either a drill bit or a saber saw can be used to cut a hole in the ceiling medallion.

  2. Holding the ceiling medallion in place on the ceiling, lightly trace around it with a pencil. Locate the ceiling joists to which the ceiling medallion will be attached and mark the medallions on both sides of the outline of the ceiling medallion.

  3. If necessary, sand the back of the ceiling medallion, or use shims to account for variations in the ceiling surface to ensure a level installation.

  4. Apply adhesive to the back of the ceiling medallion and secure it tightly to the ceiling with screws. The screws should penetrate the joists at least 1/2" and their heads should be counter sunk into the surface of the ceiling medallion.

  5. Spackle the countersink holes, caulk around the perimeter of the ceiling medallion and congratulate yourself on adding a level of detail and elegance to your environment.